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Case Study #9

Global Computer Manufacturer

Economic Incentives Administration

Case Study #9 | Economic Incentives Administration | Global Computer Manufacturer

The client is one of the world’s largest computer manufactures and also offers a wide range of IT products (hardware and software) and services for enterprise, government, small business and consumer markets. The company has also started to offer computer storage systems.

The client, using internal resources, negotiated an incentives package approaching $300 million for a facilities expansion in the southeastern United States. The incentives contract had been signed by the client and the state. Over a year passed, and the company had not received any of their economic benefit from the incentives package. This was due to (1.) lack of resources, (2.) time, and (3.) specific expertise required to manage the compliance and administration of the program.

In the represented case, the client did not have the capacity to manage
the requirements to secure the funding/incentive. In most states: payroll, capital investments, training and other business activity needs to occur – to realize the economic benefit.

Since our firm has a concentration on incentives administration, we developed an efficient and customized process for the client to realize
the benefit.

After a process was developed, we were able to meet deadlines, provide accurate reporting, restructure certain incentives that were not applicable and keep the company in compliance. The client was finally able to realize the benefits it was entitled to receive.

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